Here are some of the lectures, articles and papers I have written or co-written.

Lecture on Design of Antennas for Portable Devices

Given to University of Limerick students in March 2010. This lecture briefly describes the problems of antenna design for portable devices but doesn't go into great detail.

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Experimental Characterisation of Coaxial Sleeve Baluns for Handset Measurements

Paper given to the 24th British Electromagnetic Measurements Conference in 2005 at the National Physical Laboratories. The paper describes the design of sleeve baluns. These are used in handset antenna measurement to prevent currents on the cable outer from affecting the results.

An Analysis of the Accuracy of Efficiency Measurements of Handset Antennas using Far-Field Radiation Patterns

Paper given to the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association conference at Newport, Rohde Island in 2005. This paper describes the trade-off between measurement speed and accuracy. It gives results for the case of handset antennas.

The Challenges of Integration

Article for Portable Design magazine from 2005. It describes the problems of integrating an internal antenna into a handset, and some solutions. In this article I use the now archaic term "flip" to describe a clamshell handset. This is the article I submitted, which is a little different from the one published. The editor wisely changed it to use the word "clamshell" and made some other useful changes. However, Portable Design Magazine was discontinued by it's publishers and it's no longer available online, so I can't refer to the final version.

Characterising the Quiet Zone of an Anechoic Chamber

Paper given to the IEE Technical Seminar on Antenna Measurements and SAR (AMS 2004) at Loughborough University in Britain. This paper proposes a simple method for measuring the performance of Anechoic Chambers as an alternative to the "Free-Space VSWR" method.

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