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RF engineering and Antenna engineering are often treated as Voodoo, as a “Black Art” akin to witchcraft. But, it is undoubtably scientific.  There are dozens of books and hundreds of journal articles on every aspect of it.  Every month there is a new issue of the IEEE journal “Transactions on Antennas & Propagation” and a new issue of “Microwave Theory and Techniques”.  If you liked you could accumulate thousands of pages of papers on the subject every month.

But, despite that information the subject continues to be veiled in a fog.  Professional Antenna Designers especially continue to use old tricks that aren’t documented anywhere.  This is because there is a gulf between engineering practice and research, to an engineer working on a specific problem little of the literature is useful and understanding what is useful is very time consuming.  So, in practice engineers fall back on their own knowledge and on experimentation because doing that is more effective.

I aim to promote my services as a consultant in Antennas and RF through this blog, but I won’t be doing that through posting ads for myself.  I will do that by bringing together the challenges of these branches of engineering and looking at them from various different perspectives. I hope doing so will help demystify the subject.  I specialise in antenna design for portable devices and notebook computers, I’ve designed and specified antennas for these products for many years and I’ll discuss that a lot.

I look forward to comments on these posts from other Antenna & RF engineers.