iPhone 4 antenna problem – measurements of the signal strength drop

The folks at Anandtech have hacked an iPhone 4 to produce a signal strength indication in dB. They’ve then experimented to find the signal strength drop when the phone is held in various orientations. See the article here. Since they’ve measured this with a normal network in a real-world environment I don’t expect that the results will be very accurate. The propagation path between the test site and the nearest base-station will sometimes change. However, the measurements give a ball-park idea of what the drop in signal is like. If the handset is “cupped tightly” the drop in signal-strength is 24.6dB, it it’s “held naturally” the drop is 19.8dB.

One of the handsets they compare it with is the Nexus One. Interestingly the Nexus One doesn’t do too well either.

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